A project initiated by Majid Soula

Founding members of the ACWP [PCAM]: Meeting of April 24th, 2018

  • LILA NAT DAOUD BELGASEM, Journalist and radio host
  • FAZIA  MASSAID, Radio host and poetess
  • DJAHIDA, Journalist and TV presenter
  • ROSA AREZKI, Educator
  • ABDU, Audiovisual technician
  • YOUCEF AMAZIGH, Activist and designer of the Amazigh flag
  • MAJID SOULA, Amazigh activist singer
  • SAMIR BELATECHE, Civil servant and human rights activist
  • NABIL DJAIL, Civil servant at Department 93
  • MADJID HALLOU, Sworn translator


The children of the Tamazgha project

I – Presentation by Majid SOULA

I work at the Louvre Museum in the Section of Decorative Arts. The Louvre Museum is a small world that receives daily a large number of visitors from all over the world. The observation I make is personal: among all those visitors who come with their families, and those parents who talk to their kids in their mother tongue, I have never heard a single Amazigh person speak in Tamazight.

Following this observation, and in the common interest of our language and culture, I came up with an idea that could be a solution by aiming at promoting Tamazight in Tamazgha and among Amazigh people all over the world.

As an ordinary Amazigh citizen, I’ve worked very hard on this matter, and I spent nearly three years to reach this lasting and sustainable solution that could enhance the desire and ambition of our children to learn Tamazight, and offer to parents the necessary energy to encourage and stimulate their kids to learn Tamazight before it is too late. It is now or never.



II- Aims of the project

Make our children want to learn and speak Tamazight

The Amazigh people should work hand in hand for the revival of our civilization in all Tamazgha and over the world, whether it is in schools, within associations, or within any other organizations and entities.

The project consists of electing, during a yearly competition, a little queen and a little king among children from 6 to 8 years old. This honorific title will run for one year for the elected children; the fixed date being January 11th of each year.

The aim of this action is to encourage the children of Tamazgha to connect with their culture and to prepare them for their future and that of all the Amazigh people. We should encourage and support them with presents, joy, willpower, hope, courage, strength, etc.

III- Terms and conditions of the competition exam

The targeted countries will be, of course, those of Tamazgha, which are : the Canary Islands, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, the Siwa region in Egypt, Mauritania, Mali and Niger.

From these nine countries, we should elect one girl and one boy per country, for a total of 18 children in all Tamazgha. Thereafter, the 9 queens and 9 kings (candidates) will get through a competition exam that will result in the election of the queen and the king of Tamazgha for a one year term.

After the final competition exam, the two winners (the queen and the king) will be rewarded with medals, tablets equipped with Latin and Tifinagh keyboards, school equipment, outfits, educational toys, dolls speaking in Tamazight, books written in Tamazight, CDs of Amazigh singers/activists, and the amount of 250 000 Algerian Dinars for each winner.

For the other candidates who participated in the final competition, namely the last 16 children of the 18 initially selected within the 9 Amazigh countries, they will receive rewards such as medals, toys and books. The jury members will also be acknowledged with medals and history books.

For the two winners of the first competition, we suggest the following given names:

DIHIA for the Queen, and MASSINISSA for the King.

For the winners of the following years, the queen and the king will choose their given names from a list pre-established by our collective.

The competition exam could be expanded to children living in countries outside Tamazgha, who would then receive the same rewards in local currency. For example, the amount of 1400 € for the queen and the king living in France (the sums are given according to the official exchange rate).

To elect the queens and kings, a competition exam will take place between the 1st and the 20th of December each year. The “coronation” will be on January 11th of the following year.

After the election of the winners, some Amazigh artists all over the world will contribute through the organization of shows and performances in order to raise the funds necessary to award the elected children. If a country was unable to raise the required sum, our collective would do its best to step up and raise funds by organizing shows and performances in Tamazgha and all over the world in order to go ahead with our project. All activities should take place in a festive spirit every January 11th. We would like Yennayer to be a day of peace, joy, hope, pardon, reflection, and reunion between Imazighen people. We would also like to light a candle in memory of the Martyrs who died for our freedom.


Awards and benefits will be granted to these elected children, such as discounted annual prices for shows, theatre, cinema, hairdressing, carousel for kids and recreation centers.


They will be entitled to travel for a 10 to 15 day yearly trip during the school holidays. It will be an opportunity to gather these children in one randomly chosen Amazigh country, and, thus, enhance and tighten our friendship and kinship links, as well as provide artistic activities to delight the kids.


In order to provide the necessary security during their stay in fellow Amazigh countries, the children will be accompanied and supervised by two tutors who may be members of their families or their educators. These trips could also be planned and organized in countries outside of Tamazgha.


The elected kids will also be given the opportunity to visit museums and historical sites.

It is in our common interest to save the honor of the whole Amazigh people in its entire linguistic, cultural and historical dimension.


The role of the elected children will be to encourage other kids to practice speaking Tamazight. They will attend their schools as a model of success, serve as an example, and encourage others to take part in the competition exam.



The contribution of businessmen and other economic actors of Tamazgha is desirable to finance the production of toys, robots speaking in Tamazight, and all other Amazigh symbols to be offered to our kids.

Local authorities should provide their financial contribution as part of a partnership aiming at covering the cost of the trips awarded to the elected children. Sponsors who benefit from large advertising may also cover the costs. For example, a sponsor could contribute by producing tee shirts, posters, photos, caps, video coverings during the award ceremony, etc. The collective can also call on MPs and official representatives of Tamazgha to find financial solutions.

In all the villages and towns of Tamazgha, cultural associations and village committees, even located abroad, should contribute and support this project to honor the learning and teaching of our language. There should be a mobilization within local entities to provide our children with evening classes in Tamazight. We should encourage everyone who has a minimal knowledge in Tamazight to participate. All of us should, make a sacrifice so that our language can reclaim its status from 15 centuries ago before it is too late. We should step up to the challenge, we can do it!

The ACWP collective is welcoming all public schools which would be interested in participating to this competition gathering children from 6 to 8 years old, and create associations linked to PCAM in Tamazgha and all over the world to ensure a better management.


The official website will serve as a gathering point for the Amazigh world, the member associations, the contributing members, researchers, artists and volunteers…

We call upon all people of goodwill to contribute to this pilot project, which aims at instilling in our children the desire to learn and practice our mother tongue, the TAMAZIGHT language.



  • 18 candidates will receive the amount of 200 000 Algerian Dinars each, for a total of 3.6 million Algerian Dinars.
  • The two winners (the king and the queen) will receive an extra 100 000 Algerian Dinars (50 000 each).
  • Total amount: 3 700 000 Algerian Dinars.
  • The two winners IMAZIGHEN DE FRANCE will receive the amount of 1400 € each.

Updated, on May 16th 2018